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  • 🚒 Hero Hound Saves Gilbert Home, Art Blooms in Urban and Native Roots, Family Tunes at San Tan, and Meet Gilbert's Go-To Recovery and Pet Care Pros!!

🚒 Hero Hound Saves Gilbert Home, Art Blooms in Urban and Native Roots, Family Tunes at San Tan, and Meet Gilbert's Go-To Recovery and Pet Care Pros!!

Issue #148 - April 17, 2024

🚒 Service Dog in Gilbert Alerts Owner to Life-Threatening House Fire

🎨 Gilbert Unveils Two New Artworks Celebrating Urban Growth and Native Heritage

🎵 Gilbert’s San Tan Charter Unveils Parent-Child Music Classes to Strengthen Family Bonds

🗺 Get to Know Us: AZ Active Recovery & East Valley Urgent Pet Care

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Service Dog in Gilbert Alerts Owner to Life-Threatening House Fire

Maddie Caballo, a resident of Gilbert, found much-needed relief from her panic attacks and anxiety through a unique source: a black Labrador named Wilhem.

After years of enduring symptoms tied to childhood trauma, Caballo discovered that while equine-assisted therapy was beneficial, it wasn't feasible for daily support. This realization led her to adopt Wilhem as her service dog, despite some initial reservations about the commitment and the social stigma associated with invisible disabilities.

Wilhem’s training allows him to perform subtle, yet crucial tasks that help manage Caballo's anxiety. For instance, he provides "grounding" by placing a paw on her foot, nudging her persistently if he senses an increase in anxiety or a change in her breathing patterns.

This helps Caballo recognize when to take a break and adjust her environment to avoid worsening her condition. Wilhem also creates physical space for Caballo in social settings by positioning himself between her and others, an action that significantly eases her stress.

Beyond his daily responsibilities, Wilhem recently took on the role of a life-saver. One night in March, Caballo was awakened by Wilhem’s unusual behavior, which included coughing and vomiting.

Initially dismissing it as a minor ailment, she soon realized something was amiss when she followed him to discover a smoky odor in her home. Her investigation led to the garage, where she uncovered a fire that had begun to spread. Thanks to Wilhem’s persistent alerts, Caballo was able to escape with him and call for emergency services just in time to prevent a catastrophic loss.

The fire, which originated from faulty electrical wiring in the attic, posed a hidden danger that traditional smoke detectors failed to catch. Firefighters explained to Caballo that attic fires often escalate undetected because smoke needs to break through the ceiling to trigger the alarms, at which point significant structural damage is likely. Wilhem’s intuitive alert provided a critical, life-saving intervention that traditional safety devices could not.

For his extraordinary actions, Wilhem was lavishly rewarded with treats and steak, a small token of gratitude for his invaluable presence in Caballo’s life. Through Wilhem, Caballo not only manages her daily challenges but also enjoys a newfound sense of security, knowing her companion is ever-watchful and ready to act in any crisis.

Gilbert Unveils Two New Artworks Celebrating Urban Growth and Native Heritage

Provided by Town of Gilbert

Gilbert's Heritage District recently saw the addition of two significant public art pieces as part of the town’s Community Canvas project aimed at revitalizing and beautifying high-traffic areas.

The first artwork, "Gilbert Deconstructed" by Liz Taylor, is displayed on the north door of the Ash Street Parking Garage and features a modern, abstract pattern that creatively plays with the town’s name in a graffiti-inspired style, reflecting Gilbert’s dynamic growth.

The second, "Illuminating the Past of our Native American First Settlers" by Rosa Cruz, located at the Hearne Way Parking Garage, uses imagery inspired by the local Native American heritage to foster appreciation and understanding of this community’s historical significance.

These art installations not only enhance the aesthetic environment but also deepen community engagement with Gilbert’s cultural and historical layers.

Gilbert’s San Tan Charter Unveils Parent-Child Music Classes to Strengthen Family Bonds

San Tan Charter School in Gilbert is excited to introduce a new Music Together program tailored for parents and their young children, from newborns to eight years old. The school has opened registration for the spring and summer sessions of this immersive music program that aims to enrich the parent-child bond through musical interaction. Classes will be held at the school’s Recker campus, located at 3959 E. Elliot Road.

Rita Sippel, the founder of San Tan Charter School’s Montessori program, shares a personal connection with Music Together. Over two decades ago, Sippel herself participated in a Music Together class with her son, Kristofer Sippel Jr., and found the experience profoundly inspiring. This led her to become a certified Music Together instructor. When she and her husband established San Tan Charter School in 2006, incorporating Music Together into the Montessori curriculum was a natural fit.

For the past 17 years, the school has integrated Music Together into its preschool offerings, hosting weekly sessions that Sippel hopes to expand due to popular demand. The new parent-child classes will be led by Kami Kerby, a seasoned Music Together instructor with over five years of experience at San Tan Montessori Preschool. Kerby praises the program for its engaging and research-backed approach to early childhood music education.

The 45-minute classes feature a variety of activities including singing, dancing, and exploring musical instruments, all designed to foster a musically rich environment that both children and parents can enjoy together. According to Stephanie Geare, founder of Cottontail Kids Music Together and a proponent of the program since 2016, Music Together not only promotes musicality but also enhances familial bonds as everything is learned through playful, hands-on experiences.

The classes are a perfect opportunity for parents seeking to enrich their children’s early learning experiences with music and movement, while also joining a community of like-minded families. More details and registration options are available on the school's website.

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Click to Play Personal Video Introduction

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