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  • 🏛 Race for the House in District 14, Fresh Faces Eye Gilbert Council Seats, and Trio Tussles for Gilbert's Mayoral Mantle!

🏛 Race for the House in District 14, Fresh Faces Eye Gilbert Council Seats, and Trio Tussles for Gilbert's Mayoral Mantle!

Issue #145 - April 12, 2024

🏛 Five Republicans Compete for House Seats in Arizona's District 14 Amid Democratic Absence

🆕 New Leaders on the Horizon: Gilbert Town Council to Welcome Fresh Perspectives

🗳 Gilbert’s Mayoral Election: Three Candidates Vying for Top City Role

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Five Republicans Compete for House Seats in Arizona's District 14 Amid Democratic Absence

In a Republican-dominated primary set for July 30, five candidates are vying for two spots on the November ballot for Arizona's Legislative District 14 in the House of Representatives. With no Democratic contenders stepping forward, the primary effectively determines the district's representation.

Among the candidates, incumbent Laurin Hendrix is seeking reelection, leveraging his extensive experience that includes a prior term in the House and significant local government involvement. Hendrix's entrepreneurial background and community service underscore his campaign.

Joel Coen, another strong contender, brings a blend of business acumen and community service, marked by his leadership in various non-profit organizations and a personal story of generational progress.

Lalani Hunsaker, emphasizing her roles in education and as a charter school advocate, pitches herself as a staunch supporter of school choice, highlighting her administrative experience in the education sector.

Andrew Jackson, known for his long tenure in pastoral leadership and education, offers a perspective shaped by decades of service in spiritual and academic communities. His commitment to education extends beyond local involvement, including international teaching and tours.

Khyl Powell rounds out the group with a diverse background in law enforcement, business, and real estate. His local government experience and deep family roots in the community paint him as a candidate dedicated to public service and economic development.

This primary underscores the Republican stronghold in District 14, with candidates who bring a mix of traditional conservative values and extensive service records, focusing on education, business growth, and community involvement.

New Leaders on the Horizon: Gilbert Town Council to Welcome Fresh Perspectives

In the upcoming 2024 elections, the Gilbert Town Council will see significant changes with two seats opening due to incumbent departures. Kathy Tilque is stepping down, and Scott Anderson is running for mayor, leaving room for new faces in local governance. The primary election on July 30 may decide the outcome, with a potential runoff during the general election on November 5.

The four candidates, all newcomers to elected office, bring a diverse range of experiences from various professional backgrounds:

Aaron Accurso has developed a multifaceted career that spans from corporate management to religious service. Originally from Southern California and raised in a military family, Accurso moved through various states before settling in Gilbert. His professional experience includes significant roles in operations and purchasing management at Ferguson Enterprises, followed by work for the Catholic Church. Currently, he manages construction projects for Poco Verde Pools & Landscaping. Accurso, a long-term Gilbert resident, is deeply rooted in the community with his wife and three children.

Kenny Buckland offers a background in law enforcement and technology, having held high-ranking positions within a major police department and in border surveillance technology. He is currently engaged in senior sales leadership at a company that focuses on second chances. Buckland's academic credentials include a master’s in educational leadership and an extensive training background with prestigious institutions such as the FBI National Academy. A resident of Gilbert, Buckland enjoys a robust family life with his wife, children, and grandchildren, and has a notable personal history as a Junior Olympics gold medalist and judo expert.

Monte Lyons, a veteran of the United States Air Force, has spent over four decades in the aerospace industry, contributing to significant projects including the space program. His technical and leadership skills were honed across multiple states due to his versatile career with Boeing among other companies. Lyons, who moved to Gilbert in 2019, values family and community, sharing his life with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Noah Mundt brings expertise from the energy sector, particularly in roles that impact the future of infrastructure and sustainable resources. He is currently involved in electric vehicle integration at Salt River Project. Mundt also contributes to Gilbert’s future through his role as chairman of the Gilbert Planning Commission. Recognized as a leader by the Phoenix Business Journal and a Flinn-Brown Fellow, Mundt has demonstrated his commitment to public service and innovative community solutions.

These candidates are prepared to bring their unique perspectives and skills to the Gilbert Town Council, each aiming to influence the future of the community positively.

Gilbert’s Mayoral Election: Three Candidates Vying for Top City Role

In the upcoming July 30 primary election, Gilbert residents will choose among three candidates for mayor, following Mayor Brigette Peterson's decision not to seek reelection. The candidates include Vice Mayor Scott Anderson, who previously served briefly as interim mayor, and newcomers to political office Shane Krauser and Natalie DiBernardo.

Scott Anderson has been a fixture in Gilbert's local government for over three decades, focusing on land use and sustainability, among other municipal concerns. A resident since 1988, Anderson has been actively involved in community projects such as the Gilbert Riparian Preserves and has held various roles on the town council. He holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and international relations from Brigham Young University and a master’s in public administration from the University of Colorado. Anderson is an outdoors enthusiast and a collector of historical pottery.

Natalie DiBernardo, an Arizona native with a longstanding career in real estate, has lived in Gilbert for 18 years. Her family operates a non-profit preschool that incorporates social and emotional learning. DiBernardo also provides consulting services to local businesses, helping them realize their entrepreneurial visions. She is an avid equestrian, often seen riding her horse along Gilbert’s canal system and through downtown.

Shane Krauser, a father of six, brings a legal background to the race, having served as a prosecutor and a partner in a private law firm. He holds an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and a law degree from the University of Utah. Krauser has a diverse portfolio of experiences, including teaching at the collegiate level, hosting a radio show, writing books, and speaking internationally. His early achievements include raising a dog that competed in the Westminster dog show.

If no candidate secures a majority in the primary, the top two will advance to the general election on November 5.

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