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  • ⛪ Easter's Epic Pageantry, Gilbert Shines Brighter with Hinkley's, and Superhero Dash at Freestone!

⛪ Easter's Epic Pageantry, Gilbert Shines Brighter with Hinkley's, and Superhero Dash at Freestone!

Issue #129 - March 21, 2024

⛪ The World's Largest Easter Pageant in Mesa: A Testament to Faith and Community

💡 Hinkley's Custom Lighting Illuminates Gilbert with New Showroom

🦸‍♂️ Gilbert's KAPOW! Superhero Run: A Heroic Adventure Awaits at Freestone Park

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The World's Largest Easter Pageant in Mesa: A Testament to Faith and Community

Since its inception as a modest Easter sunrise service in 1938, the Mesa Arizona Temple's Jesus the Christ Easter Pageant has grown into the world's largest event of its kind.

Scheduled for a nine-day stretch starting from March 20 to 30, except for Sundays, at 8 p.m., this event is poised to captivate audiences with its rich depiction of the life of Jesus Christ. Hosted on the temple grounds at 455 Main St., Mesa, the pageant, barring any inclement weather, expects its over 9,500 seats, prepared by volunteers, to be occupied well before the performance begins.

The tradition of the pageant dates back to a sunrise service that spanned 30 years, featuring songs and a brief narrative of Christ's life. This evolved into the elaborate pageant we see today in 1975, an event that has been annually held except for a hiatus from 2018 to 2022 due to extensive renovations of the temple and its surroundings.

With a cast and crew of 470 individuals, alongside period-appropriate animals, the pageant organizers strive each year to bring fresh elements to the production. This year, under the artistic direction of Jenee Prince, audiences can anticipate new sets, costumes, and a plethora of new cast members bringing a renewed vibrancy to the portrayal of Christ’s life.

The 2022 revival of the pageant introduced audiences to modern technological enhancements including a new sound system, stage, LED screens, and a rejuvenated script and score masterfully crafted by Gilbert composer Rob Gardner, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

This year's additions, as shared by Jenee Prince, who marks her 13th year as artistic director, include enriched set designs and vibrant costumes, promising an even more visually stunning presentation.

The pageant’s preparation is a testament to the dedication of its cast, selected in December and rigorously rehearsing from March 1 to ensure a seamless performance. Despite the intensive commitment required, with rehearsals occupying their evenings throughout March, the enthusiasm and eagerness of the new and returning cast members to share this timeless story are palpable.

The Mesa Arizona Temple's Jesus the Christ Easter Pageant not only serves as an artistic and cultural landmark but as a profound communal experience that celebrates the eternal narrative of Easter. It's a reminder that the core messages of hope, renewal, and redemption are everlasting, resonating deeply with both those who partake in its creation and those who witness its grandeur.

Hinkley's Custom Lighting Illuminates Gilbert with New Showroom

Hinkley's Custom Lighting has launched a new showroom in Gilbert, showcasing an extensive selection of premium lighting fixtures and fans for both residential and commercial customers.

The showroom, part of the company's strategic expansion in the Southeast Valley, features a dedicated design team capable of crafting custom lighting solutions. With a history of consistent growth and a diverse clientele that spans the nation, Hinkley’s is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in the lighting industry.

The new location, situated in a shopping center alongside other home amenity businesses, provides a convenient shopping experience for customers. Under the leadership of Michael Jackson and Jennifer Campo, Hinkley's aims to further its reach and potentially expand the Gilbert showroom, reinforcing its commitment to quality and innovation.

Hinkley’s Lighting in Gilbert is located at 75 W. Baseline Road, suite 12

Gilbert's KAPOW! Superhero Run: A Heroic Adventure Awaits at Freestone Park

The town of Gilbert is inviting families to unleash their inner superheroes at the annual KAPOW! Superhero Adventure Run on March 23, held at Freestone Park.

This event is not just a fun run but a family adventure that integrates more than 15 obstacles designed to challenge and entertain parents and their mini heroes. The fun extends beyond the race course, with "Gotham City" offering a host of activities at the finish line, ensuring the adventure continues even after the obstacles have been conquered.

The event is scheduled from 8 to 11 a.m., providing ample time for families to enjoy the activities. Tickets are available for $40.

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