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☠ Toxic Classrooms, Theatrical Triumphs, St Patrick's Extravaganza, and Outdoor Comfort!

Issue #123 - March 13, 2024

☠ Toxicity in the Classroom: Lawsuit Unveils Allegations of Neglect at Gilbert School

👨‍🏫 The Transformative Experience of Gilbert Schools' Stagecraft Program

☘ Phoenix to Host 41st St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire: A Cultural Extravaganza

🌟 Braving the Heat: Element Mist Pioneers Outdoor Comfort in Gilbert

🎈 Discover Local Events Coming Soon

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Toxicity in the Classroom: Lawsuit Unveils Allegations of Neglect at Gilbert School

A legal battle ensues as two families confront a health crisis, alleging their children's seizures are linked to a toxic gas exposure at Gilbert Christian Schools’ Greenfield Campus.

Attorney Buddy Rake, representing the families, points to hydrogen sulfide as the culprit, a gas with a pungent smell reminiscent of rotten eggs. Despite notices of claim totaling $55 million, the families' grievances were met with inaction.

The school's superintendent declined to comment, while the town expressed sympathy but emphasized the need for evidentiary support. Allegations suggest a failure to address the issue despite attempts by licensed plumbers.

The lawsuit highlights a series of seizures suffered by the children, prompting accusations of negligence against the school and the town. Rake contends that the town's sewer line repairs coincided with the children's exposure to the gas, resulting in hazardous hydrogen sulfide levels.

The families seek justice and medical recourse, demanding accountability in a case that has stirred community concern and legal scrutiny.

The Transformative Experience of Gilbert Schools' Stagecraft Program

Gilbert Public Schools' Stagecraft Career and Technical Education program offers students a comprehensive exploration of live event production.

With a focus on technical expertise and essential skills, students across four high schools engage in hands-on projects and real-world challenges. Led by dedicated instructors, the program fosters creativity, teamwork, and resilience, preparing students for diverse career paths.

Testimonials from participants highlight the program's transformative impact and the invaluable experiences gained.

Phoenix to Host 41st St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire: A Cultural Extravaganza

Phoenix is set to paint the town green with its 41st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire, bringing a touch of Irish cheer to the heart of the city on March 16, 2024. The festivities kick off with the parade at 10 a.m., weaving through Downtown Phoenix along 3rd Street, from Oak St. to the verdant expanse of Margaret T Hance Park.

The celebration continues at Hance Park, where the Faire invites attendees to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of Irish culture. The day-long event promises a lively showcase of traditional Irish music, intricate step dancing performances, the stirring sounds of bagpipers, and an array of booths hosted by Irish organizations and the broader community. Whether you're of Irish descent or simply in the spirit to celebrate, the Faire offers a vibrant slice of Ireland in the heart of Phoenix.

For more details on the parade route, Faire activities, and how you can be part of the festivities, visit stpatricksdayphoenix.org.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Braving the Heat: Element Mist Pioneers Outdoor Comfort in Gilbert

Misting became a passion for owners, Jake, Joel, and Adam

In the parched expanse of the Valley of the Sun, where summer heat can feel like an unrelenting adversary, a trio of innovators has emerged to challenge the status quo of outdoor comfort. Meet Jake Trayer, Joel Cronenberg, and Adam Cronenberg, the visionaries behind Element Mist, based right here in the valley.

Element Mist isn't just about escaping the heat; it's about embracing the outdoors year-round with their high-pressure misting systems. Specializing in both residential and commercial installations, Jake, Joel, and Adam have perfected the art of crafting refreshing oases amidst the desert landscape.

For Jake and Joel, the journey into misting began with a shared dissatisfaction with the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of existing systems in the market. Driven by a passion for water quality and a desire to elevate outdoor comfort, they dove headfirst into the misting industry. Adam, Joel's cousin and a seasoned professional in the home service sector, joined forces, captivated by the concept's potential.

But what sets Element Mist apart isn't just their cutting-edge technology; it's their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Each system is meticulously tailored to the client's needs, ensuring not just cooling, but an experience that enhances outdoor living.

"Our clients aren't just customers; they're part of the Element Mist family," says Joel. "We take pride in understanding their vision and delivering beyond expectations."

Beyond their business acumen, Jake, Joel, and Adam are individuals with diverse interests and experiences. From Joel's prowess in coffee cocktail-making competitions to Jake's love for antiquarian books and Adam's globe-trotting adventures, they bring a rich tapestry of life into their work.

Their journey in the valley is not just about business; it's about community. Through charitable donations, local event participation, and Adam's involvement in coaching youth soccer, Element Mist weaves itself into the fabric of the local community.

As they continue to grow, Jake, Joel, and Adam remain grounded by the support of their community and the inspiration of pioneers like Tommy Mello, whose guidance propelled them to forge their path in the misting industry.

To those embarking on a similar journey, they offer sage advice: Stay true to your vision, embrace innovation, and never lose sight of your core values.

In the scorching desert of Arizona, Element Mist stands as an oasis of comfort, a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and community spirit.

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