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  • 🚴‍♀️Gilbert Eyes Minor Helmet Law, Gateway Terminal Gears Up for Travelers, and Your Voice, Your Gilbert: Federal Funds Feedback Fiesta!

🚴‍♀️Gilbert Eyes Minor Helmet Law, Gateway Terminal Gears Up for Travelers, and Your Voice, Your Gilbert: Federal Funds Feedback Fiesta!

Issue #116 - March 4, 2024

🚴‍♀️ Helmet Law for Minors on Gilbert’s Agenda After Near-Fatal Accident Sparks Debate

✈ Modernized Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Terminal Opens, Ready for Spring Travel Rush

🔊 Public Input Invited on Gilbert's Annual Action Plan for Federal Funds

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Helmet Law for Minors on Gilbert’s Agenda After Near-Fatal Accident Sparks Debate

In Gilbert, Arizona, the local government is revisiting a pivotal safety measure aimed at protecting its youngest residents: a mandatory helmet ordinance for minors engaged in biking.

This renewed interest is fueled by the passionate appeal from the parents of a 7-year-old girl who narrowly survived a collision with a vehicle that ran a red light. The town, which initially passed a bicycle helmet law in 2001 only to retract it two months later, is now considering reinstating it amid rising concerns over the safety of young cyclists.

Councilwoman Yung Koprowski, alongside Councilman Chuck Bongiovanni, is at the forefront of this initiative, emphasizing a strategy that combines mandatory helmet use with extensive educational efforts targeting both cyclists and motorists.

The proposed ordinance aims to mitigate the heightened risk posed by increasingly larger and heavier motor vehicles. By advocating for the use of helmets and promoting awareness about road safety, Gilbert’s officials hope to foster a safer environment for its biking community.

Despite Bongiovanni’s reservations about legislating helmet use, both council members are committed to drafting a proposal that could see the implementation of the ordinance before April's Valley Bike Month.

This effort comes after Daniel and Sarah Strazza, whose daughter's life was saved by a helmet during a traffic incident, passionately advocated for stronger protective measures for children, including those on e-bikes.

The proposed ordinance is part of a broader conversation about affluenza and its impact on youth behavior, with experts suggesting that wealth can contribute to a range of negative outcomes, including substance abuse and delinquency.

The ordinance not only seeks to address immediate safety concerns but also serves as a step towards rectifying broader societal issues by instilling a sense of responsibility and community care among Gilbert’s residents.

Should Gilbert Reinstate a Bike Helmet Law for Minors?

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Modernized Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Terminal Opens, Ready for Spring Travel Rush

The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (PMGA) has unveiled its $28 million terminal expansion and modernization project, which officially began serving passengers on February 21.

The expansion project, a significant investment in the airport's infrastructure, aims to enhance the passenger experience and accommodate growing travel demands. The project was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by officials from the airport's partner cities, including Gilbert, highlighting the collaborative effort behind this significant development.

The newly expanded terminal seamlessly connects the airport’s south, middle, and north concourses, facilitating easy movement for travelers across all gates.

The addition of a 20,000 square-foot south concourse introduces modern amenities such as a new market, a tech lounge filled with charging ports, a nursing room, and a family restroom. This expansion not only elevates the customer service experience but also significantly increases the airport's capacity to handle air traffic.

Mesa Mayor John Giles, during the ceremony, emphasized the airport’s contribution of over $1.8 billion annually to the Phoenix economy, noting that the expansion unlocks new opportunities for both visitors and local travelers. Brian O’Neill, the airport authority President, highlighted the timely completion of the new South Concourse ahead of Arizona’s busy spring travel season, indicating the airport’s readiness for continued passenger growth.

The modernization project allows the airport to handle up to 11 aircraft simultaneously, a considerable increase from its previous capacity. Features such as an enclosed walkway between ticketing and security, along with large windows offering views of the Superstition Mountains, make the terminal feel modern and spacious.

The airport, which recorded 1.9 million passengers in 2023, expects even higher traffic in 2024, thanks to the expansion and Allegiant’s increased summer schedule.

Funding for the terminal upgrade was partially sourced from the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, with significant efforts from U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. The airport also plans to repurpose a temporary structure used during construction for a future customs facility, anticipating international flights, including potential services to Mexico by Allegiant.

Public Input Invited on Gilbert's Annual Action Plan for Federal Funds

Gilbert has opened the floor for public comment on its draft Annual Action Plan, which outlines the strategic allocation of CDBG and HOME funds for fiscal year 2024-2025.

The plan is focused on enhancing the living conditions for low-income residents through home rehabilitation assistance, supporting public services, and making infrastructure improvements in line with ADA requirements.

The town encourages feedback through email or phone by April 3 and has organized public hearings for further community involvement. The process reflects Gilbert's dedication to leveraging federal funds to meet local needs effectively.

Draft Plan: See it Here

Submitting Feedback:
Feedback on the draft plan can be submitted to Linda Ayres, Gilbert's community resources supervisor, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 480-503-6956.

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