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  • 😖 Gilbert Confronts Unsolved Mysteries, United Against Teen Violence, Theatrical Magic Rain Down, and A Haven for Healing Hearts!

😖 Gilbert Confronts Unsolved Mysteries, United Against Teen Violence, Theatrical Magic Rain Down, and A Haven for Healing Hearts!

Issue #113 - February 28, 2024

😖 Rachel Hansen Murder: A Reflection of Gilbert's Struggle with Unsolved Crimes

🤝 Gilbert Subcommittee Advances Towards Solutions in Teen Violence Prevention

🎭 Gilbert's Tuscany Theatre to Host Enchanting 'Singin' in the Rain Jr.' Production

🌟 Elizabeth & Associates: Gilbert's Beacon of Hope for Trauma Healing

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Rachel Hansen Murder: A Reflection of Gilbert's Struggle with Unsolved Crimes

In the heart of Gilbert, Arizona, a community's struggle with youth violence and unsolved crimes has come into sharp focus following a tragic incident that has left a family seeking answers and justice. Over a year and a half ago, 19-year-old Rachel Hansen was fatally shot in her Gilbert apartment in the early hours of a Saturday. Her death has since become a symbol of the broader challenges facing the Gilbert Police Department in addressing a spate of violence attributed to a group known as the "Gilbert Goons."

Kim Hansen, Rachel's mother, has voiced concerns over the perceived delay in the investigation into her daughter's death, echoing broader community frustrations with the police response to a series of assaults on young people in the area. These concerns were amplified following the beating death of 16-year-old Preston Lord in Queen Creek, which spurred public outcry and led to the reopening of five assault cases by Gilbert Police, resulting in arrests since late January.

However, for the Hansen family, progress has been painfully slow. A recent meeting with the detective handling Rachel's case and a sergeant brought them the disheartening news that the investigation would be inactive until new information emerges. Despite exhaustive efforts, police have said every lead has reached a dead end, leaving the case in limbo and the family without closure. The Silent Witness Program has posted a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, but the lack of evidence and witnesses has stymied the investigation.

The family's plight is compounded by their inability to access official reports on Rachel's death, with the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's office citing the ongoing investigation as the reason. This has left the Hansen’s to piece together what happened from the hospital's medical report, seeking some understanding of the senseless act that took their daughter's life.

Amid their grief, the Hansen’s have encountered obstacles in obtaining information from the police, a situation that reflects the delicate balance between preserving the integrity of an investigation and providing families with the transparency they desperately seek. The Gilbert Police Department has emphasized its commitment to solving Rachel's murder and maintaining communication with her family, but the lack of substantial progress has tempered the family's hopes for justice.

In the meantime, the Hansen’s are channeling their energies into Rachel's Rescue for dogs and puppies, honoring their daughter's love for animals and her aspirations, which were cut tragically short. Rachel, an accomplished equestrian and newly licensed real estate agent, had dreamed of a future selling horse properties and building a life with her fiancé.

As the investigation into Rachel Hansen's murder continues without significant leads, her family grapples with the reality that they may never know who took her life. The case stands as a poignant reminder of the challenges facing law enforcement and communities in confronting and solving violent crimes, leaving families in search of answers and a community in search of peace.

To help: For any information regarding the murder of Rachel Hansen, contact Silent Witness at 480-948-6377 or on its website, silentwitness.org. Tips can be anonymous.

Gilbert Subcommittee Advances Towards Solutions in Teen Violence Prevention

The Gilbert Town Council Subcommittee on Teen Violence is making significant strides toward addressing a pressing issue that has galvanized the local community. During its third meeting on February 26, the atmosphere shifted towards a constructive dialogue, with residents and subcommittee members alike expressing a commitment to identifying actionable solutions for combating teen violence.

The meeting, which marked a departure from previous sessions that had been characterized by criticism of town officials, saw participants rallying around the common cause of enhancing safety and support for the town’s youth. Mesa resident Eric Hebert voiced the collective sentiment of a grassroots movement, emphasizing a future-focused approach dedicated to action and expressing gratitude for the committee’s efforts.

Councilmember Chuck Bongiovanni highlighted several ongoing initiatives, including conducting surveys among students in the Gilbert Public Schools and Chandler Unified School District, as well as exploring the concept of mobile block watches. Bongiovanni proposed that the subcommittee convene once more before presenting a comprehensive plan to the town council for review.

The collaborative spirit of the Gilbert community was a recurring theme, with Bongiovanni commending the collective efforts to address the issue of teen violence. Although the meeting didn’t introduce substantial new proposals, it served as a forum for participants to offer suggestions and inquire about available resources, emphasizing the need for improved accessibility to information.

A notable contribution came from community activist and education consultant Katey McPherson, who presented a 10-point plan titled “Change for Good.” This plan calls for concerted actions from various community stakeholders, including the mayor and council, business leaders, schools, faith and youth groups, youth, parents and families, and law enforcement. McPherson outlined a three-phase approach to the crisis: triage, addressing the immediate needs; “hot-wash,” analyzing the root causes and systemic issues; and moving forward with preventive measures to avert future incidents.

McPherson’s plan underscores a community-wide resolve to ensure accountability for criminals, support for victims, and the implementation of tools and resources to foster a safe environment for all residents.

Gilbert's Tuscany Theatre to Host Enchanting 'Singin' in the Rain Jr.' Production

Actors Youth Theatre's upcoming production of "Singin' in the Rain Jr." promises to be a highlight of Gilbert's cultural calendar, offering a glimpse into the bygone era of Hollywood's transition from silent movies to "talking pictures."

The musical, which runs for two weeks starting February 28, tells the story of Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, whose off-screen challenges mirror the seismic shifts in their industry. With performances scheduled from Wednesday to Saturday, including a special matinee, the show is set to captivate audiences at the Tuscany Theatre.

Tickets, available for $20, can be obtained by calling the theatre @ 480-907-7050 or visiting the website.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

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Romeo’s Euro Café

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Elizabeth & Associates: Gilbert's Beacon of Hope for Trauma Healing

In the bustling town of Gilbert, where the community thrives on connectivity and support, Elizabeth & Associates stands as a beacon of hope and healing for those navigating the complexities of mental health. Founded by Emily, a seasoned therapist with a profound dedication to helping individuals and families find peace and resolution, this mental health therapy center specializes in addressing trauma across a wide spectrum of clients, including individuals, marriages, and children.

A Sanctuary for Healing

Elizabeth & Associates has carved out a unique space in Gilbert's healthcare landscape since its inception in 2020. With an environment designed to foster healing, the center empowers clients to break free from the chains of their past and embark on a hopeful journey toward the future. This noble mission is deeply personal for Emily, whose extensive background in treating trauma, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders underscores her commitment to her clients' well-being.

Expertise Meets Compassion

Emily's approach to therapy is as compassionate as it is comprehensive. Holding a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family with a focus on Theological Studies, and double bachelor’s degrees in Youth and Family Counseling and Bible, she brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her practice. Certified in EMDR therapy, Emily adeptly treats trauma and anxiety disorders, facilitating profound transformations in her clients' lives. Her holistic perspective, acknowledging the intricate interplay between mind, body, and soul, ensures that every session is tailored to address the unique needs of each individual.

Affordable Care for All

Understanding the financial hurdles that can often impede access to quality mental health care, Elizabeth & Associates offers a sliding scale for those in need, as well as varying therapist rates to make therapy accessible to a broader audience. This commitment to affordability without compromising on care quality is a testament to the center's dedication to serving the Gilbert community.

Community Feedback

Clients of Elizabeth & Associates frequently praise the center's nurturing atmosphere and Emily's empathetic, skilled approach to therapy. "Finding Elizabeth & Associates was a turning point in my healing journey," shares one client. "Emily's expertise in EMDR therapy has helped me confront and overcome traumas that I thought would haunt me forever. I now look forward to a future filled with hope."

A Bright Future Ahead

As Elizabeth & Associates continues to grow and serve the East Valley, its impact on individual lives and the broader community cannot be overstated. By providing a safe haven for healing and growth, Emily and her team contribute significantly to the well-being of Gilbert residents, fostering a healthier, more resilient community.

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