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  • ☠ Town Troubles Over Toxic Terrors, David vs. Gilbert Goliath, and Diving into Safety with Child Crisis Arizona!

☠ Town Troubles Over Toxic Terrors, David vs. Gilbert Goliath, and Diving into Safety with Child Crisis Arizona!

Issue #98 - February 7, 2024

☠ Gilbert Families Sue Town Over Toxic Gas Exposure Causing Seizures in Children

🥊 A Fight for Fairness: Gilbert Property Owner Challenges Town's Demand for Free Land

🧒 Child Crisis Arizona Launches Lifesaving Pool Fence Program for Vulnerable Families

🌟 Celebrating Life’s Milestones: The Unique Lens of Kara Hendricks Photography

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Gilbert Families Sue Town Over Toxic Gas Exposure Causing Seizures in Children

In the Town of Gilbert, two families are embroiled in a legal battle against the town, alleging that their sons, both elementary school-aged, have been suffering from life-threatening seizures due to exposure to toxic sewer gases from a municipal pipeline.

Despite filing notices of claim totaling $55 million in November, their concerns were seemingly dismissed as the town did not respond within the stipulated 60-day period. This silence has propelled the families, represented by attorney Buddy Rake, to consider escalating their grievance to Superior Court.

The heart of this distressing matter lies at the Gilbert Christian Schools’ Greenfield campus, where both boys were exposed to hazardous gases, including hydrogen sulfide, known for its toxic properties and distinctive rotten egg smell.

This exposure, the families claim, has led to a series of severe seizures in their sons, disrupting their lives and necessitating ongoing medical attention. Despite attempts to rectify the foul odor pervading the school, including plumbing repairs, the issue persisted, leaving the families and their legal representation to point fingers at the town's Public Works Department for negligence.

The implications of this case extend beyond the immediate health concerns of the two boys, raising questions about the safety of public infrastructure and the accountability of municipal authorities in protecting residents from harm. As the families brace for a possible court battle, the Gilbert community watches closely, awaiting actions that could safeguard its youngest members from similar risks.

A Fight for Fairness: Gilbert Property Owner Challenges Town's Demand for Free Land

Gina Schuh, a resident of Gilbert, has been engaged in a prolonged dispute with the Town of Gilbert over her property, which has been targeted for road construction projects.

Initially, in 2019, Schuh agreed to sell 7 acres of her horse property for $200,000 to facilitate the widening of Lindsay Road and improvements to Lexington Road. However, the town's subsequent demand involves Schuh donating an additional portion of her land along Lexington Road without compensation, as part of her property's annexation and rezoning for commercial use. This requirement is standard for rezoning applications, intended to ensure safe and efficient road maintenance and expansion.

Despite Schuh's efforts to negotiate and her investment in the property, including demolishing her home at the town's suggestion to avoid construction of an access road, she feels the town's actions are reducing her property's value without fair compensation.

The town asserts that these are standard practices for managing urban development and infrastructure improvements. Schuh's situation has garnered public attention through social media and a Change.org petition, underscoring tensions between individual property rights and municipal development plans.

Child Crisis Arizona Launches Lifesaving Pool Fence Program for Vulnerable Families

Child Crisis Arizona, in collaboration with Salt River Project and the 493 Firefighter Foundation, is launching a critical initiative aimed at preventing child drownings in Maricopa County through the Pool Fence Safety Program.

This lifesaving program offers families who are financially challenged the opportunity to receive a pool fence at no cost, addressing the alarming statistic that drowning is the leading cause of death among children aged 1 to 4 and remains a significant risk for children up to age 9.

The initiative not only aims to physically safeguard these vulnerable age groups by installing pool barriers for eligible families but also emphasizes the importance of water safety education. A complementary component of the program includes a virtual water safety workshop offered by Safe Kids Maricopa County, accessible year-round to all interested individuals.

The program, which successfully equipped 16 families with new pool fences last year, has opened its application window until Sunday, March 24, inviting Maricopa County residents who meet specific criteria to apply.

These criteria ensure that the assistance is directed towards owner-occupied homes with young children and those qualifying under certain income thresholds. The $25,000 sponsorship provided by SRP, along with the commitment from the 493 Firefighter Foundation, underscores the community-wide effort to tackle the pressing issue of child drownings through preventive measures and education.

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Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

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Celebrating Life’s Milestones: The Unique Lens of Kara Hendricks Photography

In the heart of the East Valley, Kara Hendricks Photography emerges as a beacon of creativity, passion, and unparalleled service. Kara, a former educator with 20 years of experience, has channeled her understanding of children's self-esteem and family dynamics into her photography, creating not just images, but lasting memories for high school seniors and their families.

A Mission Rooted in Empathy and Excellence

Transitioning from a teacher to a photographer, Kara brings a unique perspective to her craft, emphasizing the importance of capturing the essence of her subjects. As a mother of two college students and a devoted wife, she deeply understands the whirlwind of emotions and significance that senior year brings to both students and their parents. Her commitment to easing the stress of this busy time, coupled with her dedication to excellence, has made her a sought-after photographer in the East Valley.

Accolades and Acknowledgments

Kara’s work has not only captured the hearts of her clients but has also earned her recognition in prestigious publications like the "Best of 2021 Senior Year Magazine," "Senior Year Magazine - Guys Only Edition," and "Shoutout Arizona." These accolades are a testament to her talent and her ability to tell unique stories through her lens.

Creating Memories Beyond the Click

For Kara, photography is more than capturing moments; it's about creating an experience that boosts self-esteem and celebrates individuality. Her approach ensures that children and high school seniors see themselves as valued members of their families, contributing to a stronger sense of self and belonging. Through her guidance, these precious moments transition from digital files to cherished prints and albums, adorning the homes of her clients.

A Personalized Senior Experience

Kara Hendricks Photography specializes in senior sessions that are as unique as the individuals she photographs. Recognizing that each senior is on the cusp of a new chapter, Kara is dedicated to providing a fun, relaxed, and personalized photoshoot that reflects each student's personality, passions, and journey. With a variety of locations, outfit changes, and professional hair and makeup services, each session is designed to celebrate and immortalize this pivotal time in their lives.

Investing in Memories

Understanding the significance of senior year, Kara offers sessions starting at $650, tailored to showcase each senior's distinct qualities. Her goal is to encapsulate the essence of this special time through vibrant, personality-driven images that families will treasure forever.

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