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  • 😷 Seizures Linked to Sewer Gas, Police Predicaments, Mochinut's Mouthwatering Debut, and Milestone Memories with Kara Hendricks!

😷 Seizures Linked to Sewer Gas, Police Predicaments, Mochinut's Mouthwatering Debut, and Milestone Memories with Kara Hendricks!

Issue #96 - February 5, 2024

😷 Seizures Linked to Sewer Gas Exposure Ignite $55 Million Claim Against Gilbert Town

👮‍♂️ Gilbert Police in Hot Water Over Claim of Wrongful Arrest Filed by Phoenix Officer

🍩 Gilbert's Newest Treat: Mochinut Opens with Unique Mochi Donuts and Boba Teas

🌟 Celebrating Life’s Milestones: The Unique Lens of Kara Hendricks Photography

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Seizures Linked to Sewer Gas Exposure Ignite $55 Million Claim Against Gilbert Town

Two families in Gilbert have lodged a $55 million claim against the town, alleging that their elementary school-aged sons have been suffering life-threatening seizures due to exposure to toxic sewer gas from a municipal pipeline.

The claims, which have effectively been denied due to the town's inaction within the 60-day response period, suggest that the boys were exposed to hydrogen sulfide or other neurotoxic gases at Gilbert Christian Schools’ Greenfield campus.

The families' attorney, Buddy Rake, highlighted the persistent foul odor at the school, which had been a concern since the beginning of the school year in August 2022. Despite efforts to address the issue, including plumbing repairs and updates from the school principal regarding odor source mitigation, the unpleasant sewer smell persisted, alongside the boys' recurring seizures.

The situation has led to substantial medical expenses for both families and ongoing health concerns for the boys, including one instance where a boy nearly died from aspirating vomit into his lungs after a seizure. The attorney's investigation revealed multiple service calls to the area for sewer-related issues and alleged that the town had been performing sewer line repairs adjacent to the school campus.

The claim accuses the town's Public Works Department of failing to contain toxic chemicals, with hydrogen sulfide levels consistently exceeding safety standards. The families seek compensation for bodily injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life, placing the blame squarely on exposure to toxic sewer gases.

Gilbert Police in Hot Water Over Claim of Wrongful Arrest Filed by Phoenix Officer

A Phoenix police officer has filed a $250,000 claim against the town of Gilbert, alleging a wrongful arrest by a Gilbert officer, who he claims falsely accused him of participating in a street race.

The incident, which took place on June 24, 2023, involved Officer Jason Klingensmith being stopped and cited for racing/exhibition of speed by Gilbert Police, despite his assertions of innocence. The charge against Klingensmith was later dismissed, and further evidence, including video footage, indicated that Klingensmith's vehicle was not involved in the alleged racing incident.

The claim suggests that a former colleague of Klingensmith's at the Phoenix Police Department, now working for Gilbert Police, intentionally misidentified Klingensmith's vehicle, leading to his arrest and a subsequent internal investigation by Phoenix Police, which cleared Klingensmith of any wrongdoing.

The claim seeks compensation for false imprisonment, false arrest, pain and suffering, and punitive damages, aiming to avoid litigation and reach a settlement within the legal timeframe for notice of a claim.

Gilbert's Newest Treat: Mochinut Opens with Unique Mochi Donuts and Boba Teas

Mochinut, a dessert shop known for its unique rice flour donuts, has expanded its sweet offerings to Gilbert with a new store that opened on January 5th.

Located at 744 W. Ray Road, suite 103, the shop combines the chewy texture of mochi with the classic doughnut to create a distinctive culinary experience. Alongside its signature mochi donuts, Mochinut also offers a variety of boba teas, catering to fans of traditional and innovative dessert options alike.

The Gilbert location joins the growing list of Mochinut stores, bringing a taste of this trendy dessert to the local community. For more information on their menu and locations, visit https://www.mochinut.com/

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Celebrating Life’s Milestones: The Unique Lens of Kara Hendricks Photography

In the heart of the East Valley, Kara Hendricks Photography emerges as a beacon of creativity, passion, and unparalleled service. Kara, a former educator with 20 years of experience, has channeled her understanding of children's self-esteem and family dynamics into her photography, creating not just images, but lasting memories for high school seniors and their families.

A Mission Rooted in Empathy and Excellence

Transitioning from a teacher to a photographer, Kara brings a unique perspective to her craft, emphasizing the importance of capturing the essence of her subjects. As a mother of two college students and a devoted wife, she deeply understands the whirlwind of emotions and significance that senior year brings to both students and their parents. Her commitment to easing the stress of this busy time, coupled with her dedication to excellence, has made her a sought-after photographer in the East Valley.

Accolades and Acknowledgments

Kara’s work has not only captured the hearts of her clients but has also earned her recognition in prestigious publications like the "Best of 2021 Senior Year Magazine," "Senior Year Magazine - Guys Only Edition," and "Shoutout Arizona." These accolades are a testament to her talent and her ability to tell unique stories through her lens.

Creating Memories Beyond the Click

For Kara, photography is more than capturing moments; it's about creating an experience that boosts self-esteem and celebrates individuality. Her approach ensures that children and high school seniors see themselves as valued members of their families, contributing to a stronger sense of self and belonging. Through her guidance, these precious moments transition from digital files to cherished prints and albums, adorning the homes of her clients.

A Personalized Senior Experience

Kara Hendricks Photography specializes in senior sessions that are as unique as the individuals she photographs. Recognizing that each senior is on the cusp of a new chapter, Kara is dedicated to providing a fun, relaxed, and personalized photoshoot that reflects each student's personality, passions, and journey. With a variety of locations, outfit changes, and professional hair and makeup services, each session is designed to celebrate and immortalize this pivotal time in their lives.

Investing in Memories

Understanding the significance of senior year, Kara offers sessions starting at $650, tailored to showcase each senior's distinct qualities. Her goal is to encapsulate the essence of this special time through vibrant, personality-driven images that families will treasure forever.

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