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👫 United Against Teen Troubles, Navi Singh's Flavorful Five, Los Favoritos' Fiesta, and Rieth's Compassionate Counsel!

Issue #95 - February 2, 2024

👫 Families and Officials Unite at Gilbert Meeting to Tackle Teen Violence

🍴 Celebrating Community and Cuisine: Navi Singh's Five-Year Milestone with Native Grill and Wings

🌮 Los Favoritos Taco Shop's Latest Gilbert Opening: Serving Up Authentic Mexican Flavors

🌟 Navigating Legal Waters with Compassion: The Law Offices of Adam Rieth

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Families and Officials Unite at Gilbert Meeting to Tackle Teen Violence

At the Gilbert Town Council Subcommittee on Youth Violence's latest meeting, held at the Southeast Regional Library, the community gathered to voice concerns and share experiences related to the ongoing issue of teen violence.

The meeting, which attracted around 60 attendees, offered a platform for meaningful dialogue between the subcommittee, including Vice Mayor Scott Anderson and council members Chuck Bongiovanni and Jim Torgeson, and the public.

Notably, family members of victims, such as Jamiere Jenkins and Stephen Jacobo, spoke about their personal losses, emphasizing the impact of violence on their lives. The meeting also addressed the police's efforts to combat teen violence, with Gilbert Police Chief Michael Soelberg reporting significant arrests.

Criticisms were voiced regarding the perceived lack of empathy from town leadership, though council members responded by highlighting their shared concerns as parents themselves. Additionally, discussions included the importance of school involvement and parental responsibility in addressing teen violence, with school board members expressing caution about overburdening schools with social emotional responsibilities.

The subcommittee emphasized its commitment to translating public input into actionable measures to address teen violence, showcasing progress on initiatives such as a teen survey and legislative efforts to restrict access to weapons like brass knuckles.

Celebrating Community and Cuisine: Navi Singh's Five-Year Milestone with Native Grill and Wings

Navi Singh, a Gilbert resident with a profound affinity for hot wings and cold beer, has turned his passion into a successful business venture by purchasing a franchise of Native Grill and Wings at 4341 E. Baseline Road, Gilbert.

Celebrating five years of ownership this month, Singh's journey in the restaurant industry traces back to his family's roots in the business, managing various establishments from Arby’s and Subway locations to an Indian restaurant.

His hands-on experience, gained from working across different roles within these establishments since the age of 17, laid the foundation for his venture into franchising with Del Taco before acquiring the Native Grill and Wings.

Singh's dedication to understanding every aspect of restaurant operations, from kitchen to customer service, has been key to his success. He emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere for both guests and staff and is actively involved in community service, regularly donating to local schools.

Despite facing industry-wide challenges such as staffing and managing rising costs, Singh remains committed to the hospitality sector, driven by his love for people and the dynamics of restaurant management. His story exemplifies the blend of passion, experience, and community engagement in building a thriving business.

Native Grill and Wings
4341 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert

Del Taco
2645 N Power Rd, Mesa

Los Favoritos Taco Shop's Latest Gilbert Opening: Serving Up Authentic Mexican Flavors

Los Favoritos Taco Shop expanded its presence in Gilbert with the opening of its third location in the area at 2649 S. Market St., suite 101, in September. This new opening brings the chain's total number of locations to ten, demonstrating its growing popularity and success within the region.

Los Favoritos is celebrated for its authentic Mexican cuisine, offering a wide array of dishes that appeal to a diverse clientele. The restaurant's commitment to using fresh ingredients and providing exceptional service has made it a beloved choice among residents, further establishing its status as a key player in Gilbert's culinary landscape.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Navigating the complexities of legal issues, especially when they pertain to family, can be an overwhelming experience. In the heart of the Phoenix Valley of the Sun, the Law Offices of Adam Rieth stands as a beacon of hope and guidance for those embroiled in the intricacies of divorce, bankruptcy, wills, or trusts. Adam Rieth, the compassionate expert at the helm, offers a blend of legal prowess and empathetic understanding that's hard to come by.

A Compassionate Expert in Family Law

Adam C. Rieth, with law offices strategically located in Mesa, Glendale, and Queen Creek, AZ, has made it his mission to provide accessible, comprehensive legal services to those in need. Understanding the emotional toll legal issues can exact, Adam ensures his approach is as humane as it is professional. His dedication to personal attention sets him apart; clients working with Adam can expect to deal directly with him throughout their legal journey, ensuring a level of care and consistency that is invaluable during such times.

Client-Centric Legal Services

Adam's philosophy centers on making legal services as accessible and stress-free as possible. Offering free initial consultations allows him to understand his clients' needs intimately and for them to get to know him, establishing a mutual trust from the outset. This client-first approach is further exemplified by his flexible meeting locations and payment plans, ensuring that legal support is available to all who need it, regardless of their financial situation.

A Legacy of Legal Excellence

Licensed to practice in Arizona and admitted to the United States District Court, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice. His educational background, coupled with his focus on bankruptcy, family law, and estate planning, equips him with the tools to navigate the most challenging legal waters. Beyond his professional accolades, Adam's involvement in community activities, like golfing and coaching youth sports, highlights his commitment to the Gilbert community and its families.

What Clients Say

Clients of the Law Offices of Adam Rieth frequently praise not just the legal outcomes achieved but the manner in which they are reached. The personal, professional help provided by Adam and his team has made a significant difference in the lives of many, transforming daunting legal challenges into manageable hurdles.

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