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  • 📜 Electoral Shake-Ups, Fiscal A+ for GPS, Queen Creek's Pecan Playland, and Gilbert's Blend of Healing Harmony!

📜 Electoral Shake-Ups, Fiscal A+ for GPS, Queen Creek's Pecan Playland, and Gilbert's Blend of Healing Harmony!

Issue #94 - February 1, 2024

📜 Gilbert's Election Dynamics to Change with Proposed House Bill 2080

💰 Audit Reveals Strong Financial Management at Gilbert Public Schools

🎈 Adventure and Fun Await at Queen Creek's Pecan Lake Entertainment Center

🌟 Eastern Wisdom, Western Care: Prosperity Health’s Healing Mission in Gilbert

🎈 Discover Local Events Coming Soon

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Gilbert's Election Dynamics to Change with Proposed House Bill 2080

Former Gilbert Councilman and current State Representative Laurin Hendrix has proposed House Bill 2080, which aims to allow elected mayors or council members to assume office immediately after election results are certified, especially when replacing an appointed official.

Hendrix's bill emerges from his personal experience when he sued Gilbert to claim his council seat before the term of the appointed councilman ended. The bill seeks to reflect the electorate's choice more promptly, especially in cases where an appointed official is being replaced.

Despite opposition from the Arizona League of Cities and Towns over potential issues with election challenges and term durations, Hendrix remains open to amendments to ensure the elected individual takes office as soon as possible. The bill has passed through the House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Elections with an 8-1 vote and awaits further consideration.

Audit Reveals Strong Financial Management at Gilbert Public Schools

Gilbert Public Schools passed an extensive audit of five federal funds for the 2022-23 fiscal year, indicating no major deficiencies in fund management. The annual comprehensive financial report highlighted a $32.78 million increase in net position and a stable fund balance of $208.14 million.

Instructional expenses dominated the budget, and staffing levels remained consistent with a slight rise in student services roles. The district's financial health has improved over the past ten years, accompanied by a falling tax rate.

Both reports received unanimous approval from the governing board and are available on the district's website.

Adventure and Fun Await at Queen Creek's Pecan Lake Entertainment Center

Pecan Lake Entertainment Center, a new family fun destination in Queen Creek, is gearing up for its soft opening on Wednesday, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony the previous evening.

The venue, currently 70% complete, boasts a variety of attractions including a ropes course, barbecue restaurant, botanical garden, 21-hole putting course, escape rooms, and virtual reality experiences.

Co-owners Tim Campbell and Jason Check are excited to introduce this expansive project, which began construction last summer after receiving approval from the Queen Creek Town Council.

The center, located adjacent to Riggs Road and east of the Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre, has expanded its parking capacity significantly. While some residents have expressed concerns over potential traffic, noise, and lighting issues, the center has been largely well-received, with many seeing it as a preferable alternative to big box stores or multifamily housing.

Safety is a top priority for the owners, especially in light of recent teen violence in nearby communities. They have implemented security measures and regular patrols by the Queen Creek Police Department to ensure a safe environment.

The center plans to introduce water attractions and go-karts by mid-summer and fall, respectively, and is working on developing various pricing packages to ensure a competitive and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Eastern Wisdom, Western Care: Prosperity Health’s Healing Mission in Gilbert

In the serene landscape of Gilbert, AZ, Prosperity Health shines as a sanctuary for healing and wellness. Under the expert guidance of Lea Inoue, a nationally board-certified health practitioner, this acupuncture and Chinese herbology practice offers a blend of Eastern and Western medicinal traditions, providing a holistic approach to health.

Overcoming Challenges to Pursue a Healing Mission

Prosperity Health, now conveniently located at 2401 E. Baseline Road, Suite 104, inside of Simply Ravishing Health and Beauty Spa, has undergone its share of trials. Following a temporary closure due to the pandemic and the personal loss of her husband, Lea Inoue reestablished her practice with renewed vigor and a mission to restore patients' health through gentle, expert treatment.

Blending Traditions for Optimal Healing

Lea, originally from a Western medical family, firmly believes in the harmony of Eastern and Western medical practices. Her focus on acupuncture and Chinese herbs is not just about alleviating physical symptoms but also about restoring balance and well-being in her patients. This belief is exemplified in her specialized treatments, which effectively address various conditions, including pain, stress relief, and insomnia.

A Journey of Learning and Healing

Lea’s journey in Chinese medicine is marked by excellence and a deep commitment to learning. A graduate with honors from the East West College of Natural Medicine in Florida, and with further training in China, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. Her expertise in various facets of Chinese medicine, including pain treatment, neurology, and energy healing, makes Prosperity Health a beacon of holistic healing in Gilbert.

A Testament to Effective and Compassionate Care

Patients of Prosperity Health have shared their experiences of transformative care under Lea’s guidance. Testimonials like that of H.O. from Gilbert, reflect the profound impact Lea has on her patients, addressing issues ranging from physical pain to anxiety, with a blend of acupuncture and herbal treatments.

Prosperity Health: A Haven of Healing in Gilbert

Prosperity Health stands as a testament to Lea Inoue’s dedication to her patients’ well-being, her blend of Eastern and Western medical knowledge, and her commitment to providing gentle, effective treatment.

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