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  • 🏛 Justice Jolts in November Case, Gilbert Gathers on Teen Turmoil, and a Sweet Bite with Chip Cookies' Arrival!

🏛 Justice Jolts in November Case, Gilbert Gathers on Teen Turmoil, and a Sweet Bite with Chip Cookies' Arrival!

Issue #93 - January 31, 2024

🏛 New Arrest Made in Gilbert Assault Case from November 2022

🤝 Gilbert’s Subcommittee on Teen Violence to Hold Public Meeting on January 31

🍪 Cookie Heaven Comes to Gilbert: Chip Cookies Opens with Nationwide Delivery Options

🌟 Empowering Gilbert's Youth and Adults: The NAK Martial Arts Story

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New Arrest Made in Gilbert Assault Case from November 2022

The Gilbert Police Department recently announced the arrest of a 17-year-old juvenile in relation to an assault case dating back to November 22, 2022. The incident, which took place near a residence at Higley and Riggs roads in Gilbert, was only reported to the authorities on January 4, 2024.

This latest arrest follows the apprehension of 18-year-old Kyler Renner on January 24, also in connection with the same case. The juvenile suspect has been referred to the Maricopa County Juvenile Court on two counts of aggravated assault charges.

While this case continues to be an active and ongoing investigation, the Gilbert Police Department has clarified that it is separate from the investigation into the death of Preston Lord being conducted by the Queen Creek Police Department.

Gilbert’s Subcommittee on Teen Violence to Hold Public Meeting on January 31

The Gilbert Town Council Subcommittee on Teen Violence, chaired by Scott Anderson, is set to hold its second public meeting on January 31 at 6 p.m. at the Southeast Regional Library, located at 775 N. Greenfield Road in Gilbert.

While the detailed agenda for the meeting is yet to be released, Anderson has indicated that the focus will primarily be on listening to public comments. The meeting is expected to feature presentations by town staff on topics of public interest.

Additionally, the subcommittee, which includes members Chuck Bongiovanni and Jim Torgeson, plans to discuss the progress of its teen survey and other actionable measures aimed at addressing teen violence in the community. This meeting is part of the subcommittee's ongoing efforts to engage with the public on this critical issue.

Chip Cookies, a gourmet cookie delivery company, is set to open its doors on February 3rd at 1805 E. Williams Field Road, Suite A102, in Gilbert. This unique business specializes in delivering boxes containing four large, gourmet cookies, selected from a diverse menu, directly to customers' homes.

Additionally, Chip Cookies offers the comfort of enjoying these treats with ice-cold milk. The company, which originated in Utah, has expanded its presence across seven states, with Gilbert being the inaugural location in Arizona.

Aside from local deliveries, Chip Cookies also provides nationwide shipping, allowing cookie enthusiasts from all over the country to savor their offerings. More information about their services and menu can be found at their website.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Empowering Gilbert's Youth and Adults: The NAK Martial Arts Story

In the bustling town of Gilbert, NAK Martial Arts stands as a pillar of strength, discipline, and community. More than just a martial arts school, NAK Martial Arts is a place where individuals, young and old, come to grow not only in physical prowess but also in confidence, respect, and leadership.

Empowering the Youth and Adults Alike

With a belief firmly rooted in the power of positive reinforcement and community, NAK Martial Arts has become a preferred choice for parents in Gilbert and Mesa. Their Kids Martial Arts program goes beyond traditional training; it instills vital life lessons in respect, discipline, and self-confidence. The center’s mission to give back to the community through martial arts has resonated deeply with families, as evidenced by the enthusiastic response and commitment from parents and children alike.

But it isn’t just about nurturing young minds. The center has also become a haven for adults seeking to improve their fitness, learn practical self-defense, and rejuvenate their spirits. Their classes offer robust fitness regimens and professional instruction, all within a passionate and supportive community. Whether it's Kickboxing/Muay Thai or Kajukenbo, they ensure that each class caters to all fitness levels, providing an inclusive and empowering environment for everyone.

A Legacy of Respect and Honor

The impact of NAK Martial Arts on its students and their families is profound. Reviews like that of Keri P., whose family trained at the center for over five years, highlight the lasting influence the school has on its members. Parents and students alike speak highly of the life skills, self-defense techniques, and values of respect and honor learned at NAK Martial Arts.

A Community Committed to Excellence

At NAK Martial Arts, the journey towards achieving personal goals is embraced with enthusiasm and dedication. The instructors are not just teachers; they are mentors committed to leaving a positive legacy in the lives of their students. They have cultivated an environment where learning is fun, goals are achievable, and every student feels valued and supported.

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