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  • 🏗 Revitalization Reaches Beyond, United Against Teen Troubles, Hometown Hero Shakes Up Cardinals, and Gilbert's Martial Arts Empowerment!

🏗 Revitalization Reaches Beyond, United Against Teen Troubles, Hometown Hero Shakes Up Cardinals, and Gilbert's Martial Arts Empowerment!

Issue #92 - January 30, 2024

🏗 Gilbert Plans to Broaden Revitalization Beyond Northwest Growth Area

🤝 Progress Reported in Gilbert's Fight Against Teen Violence

🏈 Gilbert’s Own Brock Purdy Celebrated on Billboards, Dividing Cardinals Fanbase

🌟 Empowering Gilbert's Youth and Adults: The NAK Martial Arts Story

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Gilbert Plans to Broaden Revitalization Beyond Northwest Growth Area

Gilbert is seeking to extend its revitalization efforts beyond the Northwest Growth Area, a key employment hub. Amanda Elliott, the town's Redevelopment Program manager, highlighted the urgency of addressing aging and deterioration in areas surrounding this employment center. The Northwest Growth Area, while home to only 2.3% of Gilbert's population, contributes over 20% of its jobs and houses significant businesses like GoDaddy and Northrop Grumman.

In 2018, the council initiated steps to designate this area for redevelopment, enabling more flexible zoning and potential tax incentives. This move aims to stimulate private investment and stabilize areas showing signs of decline. Elliott emphasized the community's priorities for the redevelopment: enhancing visual appeal, addressing traffic congestion, maintaining the area, improving safety, and attracting businesses.

The council is now considering expanding the redevelopment boundary. Discussions and stakeholder feedback will shape this expansion, with Council members suggesting natural boundaries like the Consolidated Canal and major roads for a more organized approach. The expanded area would exclude the Heritage District, which already has a redevelopment designation. The council aims to finalize the boundary by mid-2023, recognizing the project's importance and the need for timely action.

Progress Reported in Gilbert's Fight Against Teen Violence

The Gilbert Town Council Subcommittee on Teen Violence, chaired by Vice Mayor Scott Anderson, reported substantial progress in addressing community concerns related to teen violence.

Councilmember Chuck Bongiovanni, a subcommittee member, detailed headway in five key areas: conducting a survey for local teens, legislating against the sale of brass knuckles to minors, establishing mentorship programs, engaging businesses to provide safe spaces for teens post-6 p.m., and initiatives to empower teen voices.

Bongiovanni has liaised with school superintendents for survey distribution and gained support from Senator John Kavanagh for the brass knuckles bill, further bolstered by a grassroots petition.

The business initiative aims to create supervised, safe environments for teens in local businesses after 6 p.m. The council praised the subcommittee's efforts, while addressing public criticisms regarding perceived inaction.

Residents expressed concerns over council members' absence at a recent TV forum on teen violence, attributed to open meeting law constraints. The subcommittee is envisioned as a precursor to a larger task force, with plans to expand community engagement through varied meeting locations and times.

Mayor Brigette Peterson proposed regular subcommittee updates during council meetings to maintain momentum and transparency.

Gilbert’s Own Brock Purdy Celebrated on Billboards, Dividing Cardinals Fanbase

The display of digital billboard ads by Lerner & Rowe law firm, celebrating San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, sparked mixed reactions among Arizona Cardinals fans.

Purdy, a Gilbert local and Perry High School alum, received recognition for his significant NFL achievements, including leading the 49ers to a win in the NFC Championship Game.

While some Cardinals fans were upset about the promotion of a player from a rival team, others appreciated the nod to Purdy’s local ties. The discussion also highlighted Arizona State fans’ wish for recognition of 49ers receiver and former Sun Devil, Brandon Aiyuk.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Empowering Gilbert's Youth and Adults: The NAK Martial Arts Story

In the bustling town of Gilbert, NAK Martial Arts stands as a pillar of strength, discipline, and community. More than just a martial arts school, NAK Martial Arts is a place where individuals, young and old, come to grow not only in physical prowess but also in confidence, respect, and leadership.

Empowering the Youth and Adults Alike

With a belief firmly rooted in the power of positive reinforcement and community, NAK Martial Arts has become a preferred choice for parents in Gilbert and Mesa. Their Kids Martial Arts program goes beyond traditional training; it instills vital life lessons in respect, discipline, and self-confidence. The center’s mission to give back to the community through martial arts has resonated deeply with families, as evidenced by the enthusiastic response and commitment from parents and children alike.

But it isn’t just about nurturing young minds. The center has also become a haven for adults seeking to improve their fitness, learn practical self-defense, and rejuvenate their spirits. Their classes offer robust fitness regimens and professional instruction, all within a passionate and supportive community. Whether it's Kickboxing/Muay Thai or Kajukenbo, they ensure that each class caters to all fitness levels, providing an inclusive and empowering environment for everyone.

A Legacy of Respect and Honor

The impact of NAK Martial Arts on its students and their families is profound. Reviews like that of Keri P., whose family trained at the center for over five years, highlight the lasting influence the school has on its members. Parents and students alike speak highly of the life skills, self-defense techniques, and values of respect and honor learned at NAK Martial Arts.

A Community Committed to Excellence

At NAK Martial Arts, the journey towards achieving personal goals is embraced with enthusiasm and dedication. The instructors are not just teachers; they are mentors committed to leaving a positive legacy in the lives of their students. They have cultivated an environment where learning is fun, goals are achievable, and every student feels valued and supported.

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