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😡 Teen Tension, Hobbs' Vision, Gang Probes, Paws for Cause, and Gilbert's Chic Cheaps!

Issue #77 - January 9, 2024

😡 Rising Concerns Over Teen Violence Prompt Gilbert Council to Act

💬 Hobbs Addresses Arizona's Challenges: Education, Water, and Border Security

🚨 Preston Lord's Case Sparks Comprehensive Investigation into Teen Gang Violence in Gilbert

🐶 Friends For Life Animal Rescue Looking For Item Donations and Shoppers

🌟 Where Style Meets Savings: Gilbert Welcomes The Rich Hanger

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Rising Concerns Over Teen Violence Prompt Gilbert Council to Act

In Gilbert, Arizona, a surge in teen violence, including the tragic death of 16-year-old Preston Lord from Queen Creek, has prompted a strong community response. Residents are calling for accountability and action against a group known as the "Gilbert Goons," believed to be responsible for Preston's death and other violent incidents.

Amidst growing public concern, three Town Council members – Scott Anderson, Chuck Bongiovanni, and Jim Torgeson – are proposing the formation of a subcommittee to address teen violence in Gilbert. The proposed subcommittee aims to investigate the extent of the issue, examine policy implications, and provide transparency and accountability to the community.

Gilbert Police Chief Michael Soelberg acknowledged the problem and informed that the department is actively revisiting past cases and investigating new information. However, despite these efforts, no public announcements of arrests have been made.

The council members are pushing for a clearer understanding of the situation, including the police department's response to warnings about potential attacks. Mayor Brigette Peterson has been criticized for her perceived lack of action, but she defended her approach, emphasizing her support for the police department and the community. The situation highlights the need for effective measures to combat teen violence and ensure public safety in Gilbert.

Hobbs Addresses Arizona's Challenges: Education, Water, and Border Security

In her second annual state of the state address, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs outlined her agenda to tackle several pressing issues facing the state. With a focus on accountability and fiscal responsibility, Hobbs addressed the escalating costs of Arizona's school voucher program, which is projected to exceed $900 million this year. She proposed implementing measures to bring transparency and accountability to the program, including setting minimum educational standards for teachers in voucher-funded private schools and requiring students to attend public school for 100 days before becoming eligible for vouchers.

On the environmental front, Hobbs committed to addressing the state's groundwater management laws, particularly in rural areas affected by drought. This includes cracking down on unsustainable agricultural practices and finding alternative solutions for a 100-year assured water supply that reduce groundwater pumping. Hobbs highlighted her efforts against a Saudi-operated farm accused of depleting groundwater resources.

Regarding immigration and border security, Hobbs criticized the federal government's handling of the issue, mentioning the recent closure of the Lukeville border crossing and its negative impact on local businesses and families. She emphasized her initiative, Operation SECURE, aimed at coordinating the state's response to border issues.

Faced with significant budget shortfalls, partly due to the expanded voucher program and a tax cut that reduced revenues, Hobbs emphasized the need for prudent fiscal management while maintaining essential public services. She also proposed initiatives for affordable healthcare, including a new division to oversee prescription drug prices and a mortgage assistance program for working-class families. The governor is set to release her budget proposal later in the week, with lawmakers expected to negotiate solutions to the budget deficit and other challenges during the legislative session.

Preston Lord's Case Sparks Comprehensive Investigation into Teen Gang Violence in Gilbert

The Gilbert Police Department is actively investigating eight cases of teen violence, potentially linked to a group known as the "Gilbert Goons." This inquiry includes reopening four previous cases and examining four new incidents, reported through online tips.

The group gained notoriety following the tragic death of 16-year-old Preston Lord at a Queen Creek Halloween party in late October. While the involvement of the Gilbert Goons in Lord's death remains unconfirmed, Queen Creek Police have charged seven suspects, with names withheld pending further review.

The Gilbert Police Department is committed to thoroughly investigating these violent incidents, exploring any connections between them to aid ongoing and past cases. Part of this investigation involves determining whether the Gilbert Goons meet the criteria to be classified as a criminal street gang under Arizona law. The department is collaborating with the Gilbert's Street Crimes Unit and other East Valley law enforcement agencies to gather more information.

In a related development, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell revealed the extensive nature of the investigation into Preston Lord's death. The police report spans about 1,800 pages, with prosecutors needing to review approximately 2,000 pieces of evidence, including 600 videos.

Lord, a student at Combs High School, suffered fatal injuries after being attacked near Sossaman and Chandler Heights roads following the party. In response to his death, a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. A dedicated FBI portal and tip line have been established to gather evidence and tips from the public.

Submit potential evidence (video, photos, etc): www.fbi.gov/prestonlord

FBI Tip Line: 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324)

Friends For Life Animal Rescue Looking For Item Donations and Shoppers

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

Where Style Meets Savings: Gilbert Welcomes The Rich Hanger

Rich Hanger Owners: Ashley Richardson & Christina Hanger

A new business venture is redefining the local shopping experience. Rich Hanger, a curated thrift and consignment shop that opened its doors on October 20 at 221 N. Gilbert Road, is more than just a store – it's a celebration of style, sustainability, and community.

A Friendship Turned Partnership

Behind Rich Hanger are two dynamic women, Ashley Richardson and Christina Hanger, whose friendship blossomed back in beauty school in 2007. Bonded by their love for Taylor Swift, delectable Mexican cuisine, and an eye for fashion, Ashley and Christina transformed their shared passion into a thriving business. Their journey from beauty school friends to business partners captures the essence of entrepreneurial spirit in Gilbert.

The Rich Hanger Philosophy: Stylish and Affordable

Rich Hanger stands out in Gilbert’s retail landscape as a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts. The store offers a range of apparel, baby, and kids goods, each piece carefully selected to ensure quality and style. Ashley and Christina's mission is clear: to offer chic, high-quality items without the hefty price tag. This philosophy resonates with many – particularly fellow moms in their mid-30s who seek to balance style with budget.

Community Response: A Warm Embrace

Since its opening, Rich Hanger has been embraced warmly by the Gilbert community. Customers rave about the unique finds, the welcoming atmosphere, and the joy of discovering fashion gems at affordable prices. The shop has quickly become a go-to destination for those looking to refresh their wardrobe sustainably, without breaking the bank.

More Than Just a Store: A Community Hub

Rich Hanger is more than just a business; it's a community hub where people come together over shared interests. Ashley and Christina have created a space that reflects their personalities and values, making every customer feel like a part of the Rich Hanger family.

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