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  • 🏨 Building Buzz, Ethical Queries, Teacher's Sea Adventure, Rain Gutter Tales, and Gilbert's Event Horizon!

🏨 Building Buzz, Ethical Queries, Teacher's Sea Adventure, Rain Gutter Tales, and Gilbert's Event Horizon!

Issue #74 - January 4, 2024

🏨 Heritage North Development in Gilbert Plans Phased Construction and Paid Parking Strategy

🔎 Gilbert Resident Challenges Integrity of Assigned Ethics Complaint Investigator

🐳 SeaWorld San Diego Offers Free Year-Long Access to Arizona Teachers in 2024

🌟 From Sonora to Arizona: Miguel Gaxiola's Rain Gutter Express

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Heritage North Development in Gilbert Plans Phased Construction and Paid Parking Strategy

Heritage North, a mixed-use development project in downtown Gilbert, is planning to be built in two phases, with changes to the development agreement and parking strategies. The first phase will include retail buildings, multifamily units, an attached parking garage, and open space, while the second phase will feature an office building, a second parking garage, and a potential 150-room hotel. Construction for Phase 1 is set to begin in September 2024, and Phase 2 in December 2025. The developer also proposes building temporary surface parking where the stand-alone garage is planned, with the intent to charge for reserved parking spaces.

The plan, which recently came before the Redevelopment Commission, is in response to current high construction costs. It includes charging for certain parking spots, such as valet or overnight parking for hotel guests, and monthly fees for reserved spots for apartment residents and office and retail employees. The proposal includes limits on the number of reserved spaces and guarantees a minimum number of free public parking spaces.

Vice Chairwoman Cassandra Updike expressed support for the parking charges, stating it's common in work environments. Concerns were raised about enforcement and ensuring adequate free parking for retail customers. Land-use attorney Alex Hayes, representing the developer, explained that management of parking would include timed parking or enforcement by nonresidents. Councilman Jim Torgeson highlighted the towing rights of nearby businesses to prevent unauthorized parking in their lots. Commissioners Adam Baugh and TJ Claassen recused themselves from the discussion due to conflicts of interest.

Gilbert Resident Challenges Integrity of Assigned Ethics Complaint Investigator

Maureen Hoppe, a Gilbert resident, has filed an ethics complaint against Councilmember Jim Torgeson, which has moved to an independent investigation.

However, Hoppe has expressed concerns about the impartiality of the assigned investigator, Sarah Barnes, and has requested a reassignment. Hoppe's complaint stems from an incident during a council meeting where Torgeson allegedly referred to her indirectly as a pig.

Hoppe's distrust in Barnes is based on a previous investigation by Barnes, which was criticized for its lack of thoroughness. Despite Hoppe’s concerns and requests for a new investigator, her complaint is currently still with Barnes, and the investigation's outcome is pending.

SeaWorld San Diego Offers Free Year-Long Access to Arizona Teachers in 2024

In 2024, SeaWorld San Diego is extending a special offer to teachers in Arizona, providing them with an opportunity to explore the park free of charge. The Teacher Fun Card, available to all active and certified K-12 educators in Arizona and Southern California, grants complimentary and unlimited admission to SeaWorld San Diego throughout the year, until December 31. This initiative recognizes the dedication and hard work of teachers by offering them a chance to enjoy the park's attractions and experiences.

In addition to the year-long free admission, for a limited period, these educators will also receive two complimentary single-day tickets. These tickets are designed to provide a further incentive for teachers to experience SeaWorld with friends or family and are available for use during specified time frames.

Eligible teachers interested in availing of this offer are required to complete a verification process through GovX, a platform that provides services for government and military personnel. Upon successful verification and online registration, teachers must visit SeaWorld San Diego by May 31 to activate their Teacher Fun Card. More information about this offer, including details on how to redeem it, is available on SeaWorld San Diego's official website at www.seaworldsandiego.com/teacher

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Schnepf Farms

Archer’s Bikes

Pixie Sticks Boutique

Romeo’s Euro Café

Sip & Shop

From Sonora to Arizona: Miguel Gaxiola's Rain Gutter Express

Rain Gutter Express owner, Miguel Gaxiola and his family

Rain Gutter Express stands as a testament to the American dream, a family-owned business that epitomizes hard work, integrity, and the pursuit of happiness. Miguel Gaxiola, the 46-year-old owner, hails from Sonora, Mexico, and has been a proud resident of sunny Arizona since 2005. His journey from managing a neighborhood hardware store in Mexico to owning a successful rain gutter business in Arizona is not just inspiring but also reflective of his deep commitment to his family and community.

Protecting Homes, Nurturing Dreams

Rain Gutter Express specializes in installing rain gutter systems, a crucial service that protects homeowners' investments. With over 17 years of experience in customer service, sales, and installation, Miguel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each project. His passion for his work is driven by more than just business; it's about making a meaningful difference in the lives of his clients and the community.

A Personal Touch in Business

What Miguel loves most about doing business in Maricopa County is the freedom and rights it affords him. The ability to run a successful business while having time for family and friends is something he cherishes deeply. His approach to business is not just about providing a service but also about building relationships and giving back to the community.

Vision for a Better Community

Miguel envisions positive changes in the area, especially concerning the homeless population. He advocates for motivation and action to provide solutions and resources for those less fortunate, reflecting his deep sense of community responsibility.

The Driving Force Behind Rain Gutter Express

Rain Gutter Express was established with the goal of living a good life and contributing to a strong economy. The decision to start the business was fueled by Miguel's desire to build a better life for his family, including his wife of 17 years, their son Luis, daughter Elizabeth, and their dog Lizzy. The business is not just a source of livelihood but a medium through which Miguel shares his guiding philosophy: "Dream big, work hard, and have integrity."

More Than Just a Business Owner

Miguel's interests and hobbies include spending quality time with his family and friends, cooking, grilling, and indulging in his passion for cars. He finds inspiration in his father, the hardest working man he knows, who taught him the value of putting family first. His advice to today's youth is to believe in themselves and to vocalize their dreams and ambitions.

Contact Information: 602-300-7472; [email protected]

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