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  • 💤 Gilbert's Dreamy Sleepovers, Police Clarity, Top-Tier Rankings, Sparkling Cars Shine Bright, and More!

💤 Gilbert's Dreamy Sleepovers, Police Clarity, Top-Tier Rankings, Sparkling Cars Shine Bright, and More!

Issue #65 - December 15, 2023

💤 Gilbert Mom Launches Slumber Happy for Customized Sleepover Experiences

👮‍♂️ Gilbert Police Address Rumors About 'Gilbert Goons' in Wake of Teen Deaths

🏆 Gilbert Secures Second Place in National Safety Rankings Among Major U.S. Cities

🌟 Shining Bright: AutoWorks Detailing Drives Excellence in Gilbert

🎈 Discover Local Events Coming Soon

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Gilbert Mom Launches Slumber Happy for Customized Sleepover Experiences

Ebony Simelton, a Gilbert mother of three, has transformed her fondness for pajamas and slumber parties into an innovative business venture. In November, she launched Slumber Happy, a service specializing in creating "magical" overnight sleepover experiences. This service includes designing and supplying everything needed for the event, such as party tents or teepees, mattresses, sheets, pendant lights, faux fur rugs, and personalized name plates.

Simelton's passion for organizing unique and festive parties, honed through years of arranging events for her family and teaching at a corporate job, inspired her to venture into party planning professionally. The idea crystallized after she organized her own baby shower, which was met with widespread acclaim. Slumber Happy, while not operating from a physical storefront, offers luxury slumber party packages that can be booked online, tailored to individual themes.

Currently, Slumber Happy offers six children's themes, including Rainbow Chic, Glow N the Dark Fun Time, Mystical Unicorns, MineCraft-astic, Game On, and Sports Fanatic. Simelton plans to expand the theme selection, including a Squishmallows-centered theme, drawing inspiration from popular culture and client preferences.

Simelton also offers a Taylor Swift-themed package, tapping into the global popularity of the singer-songwriter. Her service includes brainstorming with clients for party vision and goals, setting up the event, which typically takes 60-90 minutes, and returning the next day for clean-up.

All linens and blankets used during the parties are professionally cleaned, while tents, teepees, and rugs undergo steam sanitation and disinfection. The service ensures thorough cleaning and disinfection of all party items. Pricing for these unique sleepover experiences ranges from $150 for two guests to $500 for eight, with additional fees for extra teepees or tents and extended nights.

Simelton, who crafts some of the party props herself, has so far catered to a friend and a single dad. She plans to expand her services to include "slumber-unders" for younger children who aren't ready for overnight stays. Targeting children aged 3-4, these day-time slumber parties will provide a magical experience without an overnight stay.

Despite being a new business, Simelton is dedicated to creating memorable sleepovers and is working on building her clientele. Her passion for creativity and her experience in corporate settings have been instrumental in establishing Slumber Happy.

Information: slumberhappy.com

Gilbert Police Address Rumors About 'Gilbert Goons' in Wake of Teen Deaths

Courtesy Gilbert Police Dept

The Gilbert Police Department has recently addressed the circulating media and social media reports about a group known as the "Gilbert Goons." In a detailed statement, Police Chief Michael Soelberg clarified that the department has not conducted any investigations specifically linked to this group, as there are no police reports involving victims or suspects connected to them.

This announcement came in the wake of a Gilbert Town Council meeting where condolences were offered to the families of three teenagers who had recently died: Preston Lord in Queen Creek, Hailey Stephens in Casa Grande, and Jamiere Jenkins in San Tan Valley. These incidents, while unrelated, have caused significant concern in the community. There had been speculation in the media about the involvement of the so-called "Gilbert Goons" in these cases, particularly in the death of Preston Lord, who tragically died after being assaulted at a Queen Creek Halloween party.

The Queen Creek Police Department is still investigating Lord's death. Over 50 warrants have been issued in connection with the case, and the department is currently analyzing a significant amount of information. They are also awaiting a report from the medical examiner. The community has been actively involved in this case, with many residents attending town council meetings dressed in orange, Lord's favorite color, to show their support.

Chief Soelberg's statement emphasized the importance of direct reporting to the police to prevent the spread of misinformation online. He reassured the community that the Gilbert Police Department is committed to investigating and prosecuting any acts of violence in the area. He also stressed the ongoing efforts in teen safety education through various channels, including school resource officers and the department's crime prevention team.

Soelberg’s statement highlights the department's commitment to community safety and encourages residents to report any relevant information directly to the police to facilitate proper investigation and justice for the victims and their families.

Gilbert Secures Second Place in National Safety Rankings Among Major U.S. Cities

Courtesy Town of Gilbert

Gilbert has been recognized as the second safest of America's 100 largest cities, according to 2022 FBI rankings. While property crimes have decreased significantly, contributing to this high safety ranking, Police Chief Michael Soelberg has noted a rising trend in violent crimes, albeit from a low base.

Despite this increase, including several homicides, Gilbert's crime rates per capita continue to show a downward trend. The police department remains focused on addressing these challenges and maintaining the city's safety record.

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Shining Bright: AutoWorks Detailing Drives Excellence in Gilbert

In the close-knit community of Gilbert, Arizona, a local business has been making a significant mark in the automotive world. AutoWorks Detailing, spearheaded by the passionate and skilled Bryan Reed, is more than just a car detailing service; it's a testament to craftsmanship, dedication, and personal connection.

The Man Behind the Magic: Bryan Reed's Journey

Bryan Reed's journey into the world of auto detailing began twelve years ago with a simple polisher and a big dream. His passion for perfecting vehicles quickly turned into a professional pursuit, leading to the establishment of AutoWorks Detailing. Living in Gilbert with his wife Chrystal and son Caleb, Bryan's commitment to his craft and his community is evident in every aspect of his business.

A Service That Goes Beyond Shine

AutoWorks Detailing is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and expertise in vehicle enhancement. From sports cars to RVs, Bryan's hands have brought hundreds of vehicles back to their pristine condition. His services include detailed cleaning, paint correction, ceramic coating, and bringing a jaw-dropping shine to each vehicle he works on. But it's not just about the vehicles; Bryan's philosophy is rooted in treating clients by the Golden Rule, ensuring they feel valued and heard.

Building Relationships, One Car at a Time

What sets AutoWorks Detailing apart in the bustling automotive service industry is Bryan's focus on building long-term relationships with his clients. He believes in making his customers feel like individuals, not just another transaction. This approach has garnered him not only repeat business but also a community of clients who trust him implicitly with their prized possessions.

Echoes from the Community

The residents of Gilbert and the surrounding areas have nothing but high praise for Bryan and AutoWorks Detailing. Clients often speak of the transformative experience their vehicles undergo and the exceptional customer service they receive. Bryan's expertise and warm, personalized approach have made AutoWorks Detailing a beloved name in the community.

Call: 623-810-0238
Visit: https://autoworksdetailingllc.com/

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