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Taste the Best of Arizona: Don Guerra's Barrio Bread Arrives in Gilbert

Issue #6 - September 25, 2023

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🍽 Taste the Best of Arizona: Don Guerra's Barrio Bread Arrives in Gilbert

Student-Athletes Lead the Way in Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign

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🏈 Cowboys vs. Cardinals: Underdogs Bite Back in Week 3 NFL Showdown

Taste the Best of Arizona: Don Guerra's Barrio Bread Arrives in Gilbert

James Beard Award-winning Tucson baker Don Guerra is expanding Barrio Bread to Phoenix. Every Tuesday, he'll use heritage grains at Hayden Flour Mills' Gilbert kitchen to bake his renowned loaves and bagels.

Guerra, known for supporting Arizona farmers and heritage grains, plans to showcase Arizona's grain economy. Initially, he'll offer heritage loaves, whole wheat sourdough, Einkorn loaves, and bagels.

Customers can pre-order online and pick up their baked goods on Tuesdays. Guerra aims to collaborate and grow over time in the Valley while promoting Arizona's grain industry.

Student-Athletes Lead the Way in Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign

Every September during Teen Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, student-athletes from various East Valley schools unite to offer messages of hope to their peers dealing with mental health challenges.

The initiative, organized by Teen Lifeline, aims to prevent teen suicide by fostering supportive communities and enhancing youth resilience. Athletes, including football players, cheerleaders, and band members, collaborate across rival schools to use their leadership roles to assist struggling students.

The program aims to leverage the influence of athletes in school communities to provide support and encouragement to those facing mental health issues. The initiative includes creating Chains of Hope with handwritten messages of hope, and student-athletes also appear in PSAs on social media to spread their message.

This effort has gained importance as the number of calls and texts to Teen Lifeline's prevention hotline from Arizona adolescents has significantly increased in recent years.

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Cowboys vs. Cardinals: Underdogs Bite Back in Week 3 NFL Showdown

Well, well, well, folks! If you thought the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Arizona Cardinals was going to be your run-of-the-mill Week 3 snooze-fest, you thought wrong! The Cardinals threw a curveball at the football world, shocking everyone with a 28-16 victory. Yep, the underdogs bit back, and they bit hard.

Before this game, Arizona was sitting at a charming 0-2, fresh from a spectacular collapse against the New York Giants where they blew a 21-point lead in the second half. On the flip side, Dallas was strutting into Week 3 like they owned the joint. They led the NFL in more categories than you can shake a playbook at – points scored, points allowed, turnover margin, and the list goes on.

But guess what? None of that mattered when the Cardinals decided to unleash their inner football beast. They rushed for a whopping 222 yards, snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and handed the Cowboys their biggest upset loss since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Well, not quite that long, but it's been a while.

Now, what was the secret sauce for Arizona's success, you ask? It was all about dominating the line of scrimmage, my friends. They ran like the wind, threw the Cowboys off balance, and generally had Dallas playing catch-up. The Cowboys' defense, which had been giving opposing quarterbacks nightmares, suddenly seemed like they were having one themselves.

The Cardinals also had the benefit of facing a Cowboys team that was missing a few key players and had some major communication breakdowns in their secondary. And let's not forget the 13 penalties – yikes!

On the other hand, the Cowboys' offense found themselves stuck in the dreaded red zone time and time again, but they just couldn't convert those opportunities into touchdowns. If you're keeping score, that's six touchdowns out of 15 red zone trips this season. Not exactly championship material.

So, there you have it, folks. The Cowboys thought they could waltz into Arizona and show off their fancy stats, but the Cardinals had other plans. Now, the Cowboys are licking their wounds and heading back to Texas to face off against the New England Patriots, while the Cardinals are hitting the road to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Football, you've done it again – keeping us all on the edge of our seats!

Farm Hands Fall Break Camp - October 9-12

We offer a 12 hour farm to school program that inspires kids to grow food via activities framed in planting, harvesting, cooking, and creating!

Students will plant, harvest, and cook together in this unique outdoor learning experience.

Students will be creative with vegetables as food and art, as well as learn the basics about starting their own gardens in creative and meaningful ways!

  • October 9th - 12th 9-12 am @ Agritopia Farm

  • 5-10 year olds

  • $200 per learner

  • Snacks and water provided

Payment Details:

Payment can be made through Venmo: @Craig-MeyerGarrett or Zelle: (480) 620-1744

Please send a $25 deposit to secure a spot. The remaining balance of $175 will be due before October 9th.


Once enrolled, Miss Hickory will send out an email 1 WEEK before camp as a reminder with more details!

More Questions? 

Email Miss Hickory:
[email protected]

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